Jan. Cominform criticized the peaceful revolution line of the Japanese Communist Party, and the Chinese Communist Party supported the criticism.
Jun. The Korean War began.
Nov. The Chinese Peoples’ Volunteer Army was sent to the Korean front.
Jun. MacArthur ordered the dissolution of the central committee of the JCP and the expulsion of its members from public offices.
Jan. The Japanese Socialist Party was split; the Socialist Association [Shakaishugi Kyokai] was established.
Jun. Zen-gaku-ren organized a general strike protesting the American counselor of education, who visited Japan and urged that communist professors be ousted from the Japanese education system.
Oct.1 The Japan-China Friendship Alliance [Ni-chu-yoko-kyokai] was founded.
Nov. In Waseda University there occurred a rally to “protest the red-purge,” during which the police force broke in and arrested 143 students.

Sep. The San Francisco Peace Treaty and the US-Japan Security Treaty were concluded.
Jan. The general assembly of the Japanese Socialist Party.
Aug. The leaders of the main faction of the Japanese Communist Party secretly went to Moscow and established the 51st Platform, with Stalin’s involvement. The new line was to follow the experience of Chinese Revolution: the buildings of People’s Revolutionary Army and its countryside bases. Since then, the JCP began the guerrilla activity in the mountains: it was called the Mountain Villages Organizers’ [Sanson-kosaku-tai].
Sep. Over the stance toward the two treaties with the US, the Japanese Socialist Party was split into the right and the left factions.

Jul. The Destruction Prevention Legislation [Habo-ho] was constituted.
May. On the 23rd May day rally, tens of thousands of demonstrators marched to the plaza in front of the Imperial Palace (called People’s Square) where the rally was prohibited. The police force attacked the demonstrators: two were shot to death; other five were killed; more than 3oo were heavily injured; more than 1000 were injured. This is called the “Bloody Mayday.”

Feb. Stalin died.

Mar. The US tested hydrogen bomb in Bikini.
Mar. A Japanese fishing boat was affected by the test.
Aug. The Japan Council against A & H Bombs [Gensui-kyo] was founded.

Apr. The Bandung Conference took place.
Nov. Founding of the Liberal Democratic Party.
May. The farmers of Kita Fuji [North Fuji] protested the expansion of US military base by sit-in; students joined for support.
Jul. In the 6th National Council, The Japanese Communist Party self-criticized the extreme-left adventurism in the previous line for armed struggle.
Sep. Despite a strong opposition of the local people, the government began a land survey in Sunakawa in Tokyo, for expanding the US Tachikawa base. Students and workers went there to support the struggle and clashed with the police force. As the result, the government stopped the survey.

Feb. At the 20th convention of the Communist Party, Khrushchev criticized Stalin.
Jun. Demanding democratization, a mass riot occurred in Poznan in Poland.
Oct. In Budapest in Hungary, the citizens who demanded de-Stalinization clashed with the state force.
Nov. The Soviet sent troops to Budapest and installed a pro-Soviet government.
Sep.~Oct. Zen-gaku-ren declared to oppose the Sunakwa Base; it sent members to the site. On October 12th, the government forcibly carried out the land survey, while the opposition side fought to stop it. More than a thousand protesters were injured. On October 14th the government decided to drop the plan.

Throughout the year Sunakawa Struggle continued.
Jan.27 Founding of The Japan Trotskist Federation as a coalition a few different groups.
Dec.1 The League was renamed The Japan Revolutionary Communist League [Kaku-kyo-do]

Mar. European Economic Community was inaugurated.
Jul. Iraq Revolution; and the declaration of the constitution of the republic. The US Marine made a landing in Lebanon; The British Parachute Troupes entered into Jordan.
Aug. The emergency general assembly of the United Nations took place; the withdrawal of the US and British forces from the region was determined.
May. The Anti-war Students’ league [Hansen-gaku-do] was decomposed, and the Socialist Student League [Sha-gaku-do] was founded.
Jun.1 In the headquarter of The Japanese Communist Party, the central committee group and the student-members crashed.
Dec.10 The Communist League (Bund) was founded by the former student members of the JCP.
Dec.13 In the 13th mass meeting of Zen-gaku-ren, Kaku-kyo-do seized hegemony.

Jan. Cuban Revolutionary Forces seized Havana.
Jun. The independence of Singapore from the British Commonwealth.
Jan.22 The company of Miike Mine in Northern Kyushu announced a large cut in wages of the mine workers--the beginning of the struggle against reduction of working-force that lasted until December of 1960.
Jun.5 In the 14th mass meeting of Zen-gaku-ren, Bund seized hegemony.
Jul. The Anti-US-Japan Security Treaty National Council [Han-ampo Kokumin-kaigi] was founded.
Aug.26 Kaku-kyo-do was disunited; The national committee faction [Zenkoku-iinkai-ha] was founded.
Oct.22 The first riot in Sanya.
Nov.27 Zen-gaku-ren lead by Bund called a general strike, protesting the US-Japan Security Treaty; the demonstrators surrounded the National Diet building.