Jan. The US-Japan Security Treaty was signed.
Apr. In Korea, demonstrators marched against the cheating of the presidential election.
Dec. Founding of the South Vietnam People’s Liberation Front.
Jul. Hayato Ikeda was elected as the new prime minister.
Sep. He presented his policy to double the income of the whole nation.
Oct. The chairman of the Japanese Socialist Party, Inajiro Asanuma, was stubbed by a right wing youth while giving a speech; he died right after.
Jan.16 In Haneda Airport activists gathered to obstruct the prime minister Kishi’s trip to the US: some members of Zen-gaku-ren broke into the airport lobby, 76 members including the chairman Kentaro Karoji were arrested.
Jun.15 20.000 members of Zen-gaku-ren surrounded the National Diet building; Michiko Kanba, a Tokyo University student, was killed in the crash with the police force near the Southern Gate.
Jun.18 The US-Japan Security Treaty was naturally approved and reinstated.
Aug. A series of riot in Sanya.
Aug.9 Over the recapitulation of the anti-US-Japan Security Treaty Struggle, Bund was dismembered into three factions: The Armed Banner Faction [Senki-ha], The Notification of Revolution Faction [Kaku-tsu-ha], and The Proletarian Correspondence Faction [Puro-tsu-ha].
Dec.15 The Young Socialist League [Sha-sei-do] was founded as a student organization of The Japanese Socialist Party.

May. The declaration of the constitution of the Cuban Socialist Republic. In Korea, a military coup succeeded.
Apr.5 The hegemony of Zen-gaku-ren was seized by the Marxist Student League [Maru-gaku-do], the student organization of the national committee faction [Zenkoku-iinkai-ha] of Kaku-kyo-do.
Jun.~Oct. Zen-gaku-ren focused on the struggle against the government’s new legislation: The Anti-Political Violence Act [Sei-bo-ho] and the struggle against nuclear testing.
Jul. The 17th general assembly of Zen-gaku-ren took place; Maru-gaku-do boycotted all the minor factions; it set forth the line of “Anti-Imperialism, Anti-Stalkinism.” In the same month, JCP associated student organization, the National Network of Students’ Self-government Associations [Zen-ji-ren], was split into tow factions: Minsei faction and the Structural Reformist faction [Ko-kai-ha].
Aug.1 The great riot in Kamagasaki in Osaka; thirty thousands joined.

Feb. The US military headquarter was installed in South Vietnam for the military support.
Apr. France acknowledged the independence of Algeria.
Dec. The contradiction between Soviet and China surfaced.
Apr. Thanks to the struggle of Zen-gaku-ren, Sei-bo-ho plan was discarded by the government.
May.2 The structural reformists [kozo-kaikaku-ha] founded The Socialist Student Front, aka. Front.
May.11 The so-called alliance of “three factions [san-pa]” was formed among The Socialist Student league [Sha-gaku-do]--the student organization of Bund--, The Young Socialist League [Sha-sei-do]--, and Front, all opposing The Marxist Student League [Maru-gaku-do]; this alliance broke into the headquarter of The Liberal Democratic Party, aka. LPD for protesting the plan to amend the constitution.
Nov.23. A riot in Sanya caused by the termination of the distribution of cooked rice.

Nov. A coup in South Vietnam.
Nov.22 Assassination of the President Kennedy.
Apr.1 The main force of Kaku-kyo-do, The National Committee Faction [Zenkoku-iinkai-ha], was disunited into The Core Faction [Chukaku-ha] and The Revolutionary Marxist Faction [Kakumaru-ha].
Jun.16. The fifth riot in Sanya.
Jul.5 In the 20th mass meeting of Zen-gaku-ren, Kakumaru-ha seized the hegemony.
Jul.14 The All Okinawa Base Workers Union [Zen-gun-ro] was founded which organized 18000 workers there.
Aug. The Japan Council against A & H Bombs [Gensui-kyo] was split before its rally. The Japanese Socialist Party and the Whole Council of Japanese Labor Unions [Sohyo] had a separate rally.
Aug.14 The sixth riot in Sanya.
Sep.~Oct. The alliance of three as well as Kakumaru-ha--all the new left sects began the struggle against The Japan-Korea Friendship Treaty [Nikkan Joyaku].

Jan. The students in Panama and the US force crashed near Panama Canal. The US and Panama broke the diplomatic tie.
Feb. In New York, 460,000 black pupils marched protesting discrimination.
Jun. In South Korea, students and citizens demonstrated against the president Park.
Oct. Tokyo Olympic took place.
Mar.25 The new alliance of three was established, this time, among Sha-gaku-do, Sha-sei-do, and The Core Faction of Kaku-kyo-do.
Sep. In Yokosuka and Sasebo, rallies took place protesting the coming of the US nuclear aircraft carriers.

This year, in Washington DC, there were a number of large rallies against the US invasion of Vietnam.
Sep. Students in Seoul began an unlimited strike against the Japan-Korea Friendship Treaty [Nikkan Joyaku].
Feb.1 In Keio University in Tokyo, all students went on an unlimited strike against the raise of tuition.
Mar. Inauguration of the Japan branch of The Fourth International.
Mar.30 Founding of The Liberation faction [Kaiho-ha] of Sha-sei-do; it split from the moderate faction, Sha-sei-do, Kyokai-ha [the Socialist Association faction]. Apr. Various sects acted against the Vietnam War. The Citizen’s Alliance for Peace in Vietnam [Ve-hei-ren] did its first demonstration.
Aug.30 The Anti-war Youth Committee [Hansen Seinen Iinkai] was founded as a young workers’ organization under the auspice of the Japanese Socialist Party; which had a tremendous impact on the increase of workers’ participation in the activism.
Dec. The strife in Takasaki University of Economics and Tsuru University were intensified.

Feb. Beginning of the Cultural Revolution in China.
Mar. Anti-Vietnam War rallies took place all over the world.
Aug. In Beijing, one million people gathered for the declaration of the victory of the Cultural Revolution.
Feb. The secretary general of the JCP, Kenji Miyamoto, returned from the People’s Republic of China, and the JCP began the anti-PRC campaign.
Feb.18 All student went on a strike against the raise of tuition in Waseda University.
Aug.27~Sep.3 The seventh riot in Sanya.
Sep.1 The reorganization of Bund (The Communist League) for the second term.
Oct.2 The first indignation meeting of the whole member of the Anti-Narita Air Port Alliance (Sanrizuka- Shiabayama Association of the Anti-New Tokyo Air Port Alliance).
Dec.17 Founding of Zen-gaku-ren of three sects: Chukaku-ha, Sha-gaku-do, and Kaiho-ha of Sha-sei-do.

Jun. The War in Middle East began.
Jul. In Detroit, a mass riot of black people broke out; 41 were killed, and more than 1000 were injured.
Oct. An anti-Vietnam War rally in Washington; a large sit-in in front of the Pentagon.
Oct. Bolivian government announced that Che Guevara was arrested and killed.
Dec. The amount of the US force in Saigon reached 438,000, which outnumbered the Korean War.
Jan.20 The mass bargaining for the anti-tuition-raise in Meiji University.
Aug.17~Aug.19 The eighth riot in Sanya.
Oct.8 In Haneda Airport activists gathered to obstruct the prime minister Kishi’s trip to Vietnam: a student of Kyoto University, Hiroaki Yamazaki, was killed during the clash between the Zen-gaku-ren of three sects and the riot squad.
Nov. The Citizen’s Alliance for Peace in Vietnam [Ve-hei-ren] announced that four US marines of aircraft carrier deserted.
Nov.12 The second term Haneda Airport struggle (against Prime minister Kishi’s trip to the US): the clash between Zen-gaku-ren of three sects and the riot squad.

Mar. An anti-government demonstration of students took place in Poland. In Czechoslovakia, students and intellectuals demanded democratization; the president resigned.
Apr. In America, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated.
May. The struggle in Paris.
Aug. The JCP set forth the policy to smash the Trotskyists with might.
Jan.15 At Sasebo Port in Nagasaki Prefecture, activists gathered to obstruct the arrival of the US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Enterprise.
Feb.16 The struggle against the raise of tuition at Chuo University; the school administration entirely withdrew the plan.
Feb.26 The first united indignation meeting of The Anti-Narita Air Port Alliance and Zen-gaku-ren of three sects.
Mar.10 The joint forces of The Anti-Narita Air Port Alliance and Zen-gaku-ren of three sects clashed with the riot squad.
Mar.28 The struggle against the construction of the US Military field hospital in O-ji; the demonstrators rushed into the US military camp and clashed with the riot squad.
Apr.10 Sanya Liberation Committee [Sanya Kaiho Iinkai] was founded by Sanya area group of Japan-China Friendship Alliance [Ni-chu-yoko-kyokai].
Apr.28 The Okinawa Day struggle: Chukaku-ha occupied Tokyo Station, while other groups stirred up riots in Ginza.
May.23 The first demonstration of the students of Nihon University [Nichi-dai]--called “200 meters demonstration”--took place; Nihon University was known as being ruled by the right wing administration.
May.27 Founding of The All-Campus Joint Struggle Committee [Zen-kyo-to] in Nihon University.
Jun.15 The medical students of Tokyo University occupied Yasuda Auditorium; the riot squad removed them.
Jun.~Nov. Throughout this period, five riots occurred in Sanya.
Jul. Zen-gaku-ren of three factions dismembered into two: Zen-gaku-ren of Chukaku-ha and Zen-gaku-ren of The Anti-Imperialism National Federation of Students’ self-government Associations [Hantei-zen-gaku-ren]--the latter consisting of Sha-gaku-do, Marx-Leninist League [ML-ha] (a new faction of Sha-gaku-do), Kaiho-ha of Sha-sei-do, and The Fourth International.
Jul.2 Zen-kyo-to of Tokyo University occupied Yasuda Auditorium.
Jul.23 The founding of The All-Campus Joint Struggle Committee of Assistants [Joshu-kyo-to] in Tokyo University.
Aug. The riot in Sanya.
Aug.5 Protesting the Narita New Tokyo International Airport, 20 elementary school pupils and junior high school students organized the Boys Action Group [Shonen-kodo-tai].
Sep.30 Zen-kyo-to of Nihon University realized a mass bargaining with the university administrators and owners in Ryogoku Auditorium; all the board of directors signed the agreement of decampment, but because prime minister Satoh criticized the agreement the next day, they rescinded it.
Oct.5 Arrest warrants were issued for the eight leaders of Zen-kyo-to of Nihon University; at the same time, the school administration requested the riot squat to break the barricade.
Oct.8 Zen-gaku-ren of various factions occupied Shinjuku Station to block the fuel tank car for the US military.
Oct.21 On The International Anti-War Day, the whole Tokyo, centered around Shinjuku, was thrown into an uproar; the police invoked the anti-riot law [Soran-zai].
Oct.21 Zen-kyo-to of Tokyo University began an unlimited strike: the boycotting of classes and all other activities.
Nov.23 Zen-kyo-to of Tokyo University hosted a whole indignation meeting celebrating “the victory of the struggles of Tokyo University and Nihon University as well as other schools across the nation”; in this year, at peak, 80 % of all universities in Japan--165 schools--were in strife, and about 70 schools--about half of them--were being locked up by barricades.

Jun. The Interim Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam was established.
Nov. The US and Japan issued a joint statement about the ‘return’ of Okinawa to Japan.
Jan. 18 8500 riot squads intervened Tokyo University, and removed the barricades of all buildings; finally they moved on to Yasuda Auditorium, where 500 activists--of Zen-kyo-to and various sects--entrenched themselves, and removed them all, after 35 hours offense and defense of discharge, tear gas, Molotov cocktail, and stone-throwing.
Apr.28 On The Okinawa Day, the activists of all sects clashed with the riot squad in various locations in Tokyo.
May.2 More than a hundred resident Chinese youths demonstrated to the Tokyo office of the Immigration and Naturalization, protesting the immigration law.
Jun.28 At the folk song rally in the Western Plaza of Shinjuku Station, a riot broke out; the riot squads were sent and 64 were arrested.
Jul. Founding of Zen-gaku-ren of Kaiho-ha; now there were four kinds of Zen-gaku-ren.
Aug.28 Founding of The Red Army faction [Sekigun-ha] of The Communist League (Bund). It was the inauguration of the era of militarism in Japan.
Sep. Seki-gun-ha began to attack police stations, calling the acts “Osaka War” and “Tokyo War.”
Sep.5 Founding of The All-Campus Joint Struggle Committee of whole nation [Zenkoku-zen-kyo-to]; Sekigun-ha appeared in the inauguration meeting in Hibiya Open Air Music Theater in Tokyo.
Sep.20 Zen-kyo-to of Kyoto University struggled over the Clock Tower.
Oct.21 On The International Anti-War Day, all sects clashed with the riot squad in various places in Tokyo; this year the explosives (made of steel pipe and cigarette can) appeared for the first time.
Oct.23 Fifty three members of Sekigun-ha were arrested in a mountain--Daibostasu-toge--in Yamanashi Prefecture, during the military training for the attack of the prime minister’s residence.