This section lists small to large organizations that are active today. Because they are in the midst of active engagements in relationship with each other, it is impossible to define them as static data. Thus the information below can never be definite; this section should be considered as always incomplete/growing. When the nature of the group is uncertain, it is left blank or with minimum data.
It begins with several Internet link pages, some of which are the best introductions to Japan's activism. This list itself heavily relies on the information found in the "Yellow page for Japanese Civic and Social Movements" in the Cyber Action website.
Unfortunately, most of the sites do not have English pages. But when there is, I indicated so. When the organization does not own a web page, I listed the party organ, sometimes with a scanned front cover.

Please note: If you do not have Japanese fonts loaded in your computer, Japanese names will appear as jibberish.