Cyber Action サイバーアクション
Yellow page for Japanese Civic and Social Movements.
This is part of a site called Cyber Action, whose editors are Shusuke Iguchi, Haruo Inoue, Makoto Konishi, Hiroshi Tsumura, Reiji Shigehara, and Izumi Yonezawa, each representing a different domain. It seems that the site seeks to be a kind of popular front gathering various activisms and social concerns.


Multi-media Communi-taste League
As the name indicates, it contains a certain tongue-in-cheekness in the choice of characters. But the information that it gathers is useful and the charts it designs are brilliant. “It was established in October 1996, in order to make archives of Japan's New Left Movements.” According to the statement, the members are not communists; they neither affirm nor deny the movements.

meaning “a certain site,” contains lists of organizations as well as current issues around the organizations and activists. To read articles, one has to be a member.
The list of leftist organizations

Red Mole
calls itself a fan club of the Fourth International, Japan. Notwithstanding the definition of being a fan club, it contains serious materials, including 国際革命文庫 (The International Revolution Editions), a collection of crucial documents and writings of the international and Japanese Trotskyism (
Red Mole's links to various groups


Ohara Institute for Social Research, Hosei University,
was established in 1919 by Magozaburo Ohara, a textile industrialist and social entrepreneur. It is the oldest institute for social studies in Japan. It is at once a research center for social and labor issues, and a library open to the general public. It functions as a massive database/information center.
English page

The Takazawa Collection
Japanese Social Movement Materials at the University of Hawaii. It is based upon a collection of books and pamphlets by Koji Takazawa, a journalist and former activist of Bund, who has long been following Japanese radical social movements. It is the only archive of this type in the US. The site is both in English and Japanese.

Lexicon of Zen-kyo-to Times
is, as is self-claimed, a work-in-progress lexicography of the terms frequently used during the time of 70's Anti-Japan-US Security Treaty Struggle (70's Anti-Ampo Struggle).
A Chronological Table of the Struggle.