Symbolically expressed by the reformation of the National Railroad iSjand its union in the 80s, the weakening of the influential power of labor unions has been evident in Japan. During the time of bubble economy, this was not sensed by many as a crisis. But beginning from the recession, the effect was made explicit to everyone. Furthermore, the endurance of the recession created vast numbers of unemployed as well as temporary workers. Thus the labor movement has created new branches such as gunemployed workersh and gdispatched workers.h

Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Nagasaki Union questions not only their working conditions, but also its own company's history and present business ethically: its history of abducting workers from China and Korea during WWII and its present business of making weapons.

Comsn Union

labornet Japan is the Japanese corresponding organization of labournet ( The section called gFrom Japanh ( has a report of Japanese situations.

Dentsu Union

Workers' Bulletin

Support Group for Kokuro (National Railroad Union)

Osaka Assembly of Unions

Free Workers Union is a support organization for unemployed workers, those students who cannot find jobs, foreign workers, and so on.

Postal Workers Union i`ցj

Consultation for the Dispatched (Temporary) Workers ihJҁj is a site that helps solve the problems of dispatched workers from legal point of view. The dispatched workers mean those who work in companies temporarily by the arrangement of mediating companies.

Network of the Dispatched (Temporary) Workers fights for the betterment of their working conditions and guarantee of work. Since they are not hired permanently, the companies can fire them anytime at their disposal.

National Union of General Workers Tokyo South
According to the English section, it has a long history of welcoming migrant workers into the labor union.

Cyber Union (Consultation for workers on the net) consults workers' problems in the workplace that have been increasing in Japan, such as bullying for the purpose of making the workers leave the company.

Young Contingent Workers Union is a union for young workers, including those who work under temporary contract.

National Union of General Workers is a union for the workers of various categories, who are not usually included in powerful unions: workers of small firms, workers of service industries, temporary workers, and so on.

Kokuro Kyoto (Chukaku associated)

Sanichi Press Union (Chukaku associated)

Doro Chiba (Chukaku associated)

JR Soren (Kakumaru associated)

East Japan Railway Workers Union (Kakumaru associated)

JR Eastern Union, Zendai (Kakumaru associated)

JR Nishi Rou

Karabow No Kai
(Support Group for Migrant Workers) (See the above section of day workers and homeless)

National Defense Council for Victims of Karoshi. Karoshi means death by overwork, which has long been a national problem in Japan. This seeks to support the evictims' of the phenomenon.