Anti-Invasion Asian Student Joint Action is a student organization that intends to fight hand-in-hand with Asian people against imperialism. It is at present (March 12th 2003) organizing a rally in Kyoto in correspondence to International ANSWER's rally on the 15th in Washington DC.

Tokyo University Komaba Dormitory was once, as it were, an autonomous zone for students' activism. The website documents the process of their struggle to sustain the zone against university administration's decision to destroy it, up until November 17th, 2001.

Kyoto University Kumano Dormitory is, like Komaba Dormitory of Tokyo University, maintained and administered by students' autonomy. As such it has its own history and issues.

Yamagata University, Revolutionary Communist Club (革命共産クラブ)is a student leftist organization of Yamagata University. The site documents their struggle up until January 2002.

Ritsumei Kan University, Editors of Ritsumei Hyoron (立命評論)is a magazine edited by students, which deals with social and political issues, involving the known writers from outside. It was inaugurated right after World War II.