Okinawaijor Ryukyu ij
The status of Okinawa, the southern most islands, has always been the focus of debate. After World War II, it became US territory. In 1972, it was ereturned' to Japan with several US military bases intact. There is an enduring current that Okinawa, or more properly, Ryukyu, should be an independent nation.

List of Books concerning Okinawa's Independence

The Platform of Ryukyu Independence Party

Voice of Okinawa lists the websites of small to large magazines related to Okinawa.

Who You is a collective of ideas and documents concerning Ryukyu independence.

Independent Ryukyu Nation iƗj stresses its history of being an independent nation. It protests the US military presence and Japan's rule, seeking to achieve genuine autonomy. The web site has various documents concerning its history, issues concerning US military presence, examples of independence movements in the world, and so on.

Ryukyu Shinpo is a newspaper based in Okinawa.

Okinawa Times is a newspaper based in Okinawa.

Okinawa Social Masses Party@iЉO}jwas established in 1950. In the beginning it held the line for the construction of Ryukyu Nation based upon international justice. However, it became the center of the greturning to Japanh movement. Some of the governors of Okinawa Prefecture were from the party.

Anti-Okinawa Summit was the site of a coalition that fought against the G8 summit that took place in Nago City in Okinawa in July 2000.

Recover Hoshino Fumiaki (See the section of Chukaku-ha)

Counter Wind i[j, the quarterly magazine, walks against the general wind of developing Okinawa (Ryukyu) like the main land Japan. It deals with various regional issues of the islands. It is edited by the office of Professor Keitoku Okamoto in Okinawa University.